Best Toy Lightsaber?[VIDEO]

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Have you ever wanted to smack someone upside the head with a lightsaber? Without, you know, crack a skull?

Well, have I got the lightsaber for you! Calimacil, known for making LARPing foam weapons, has entered the Star Wars arena with a Kickstarter. The offer? A foam lightsaber that lights up and most importantly, making the humming noises. These are all vast improvements on other foam lightsabers, which I imagine where something like pool noodles.

The foam lightsaber has two big advantages over its plastic counter parts: It won’t crack. Now, as some of the Tribunist staff an attest, there are high quality lightsabers that will not crack when hitting your opponent. They have the notable downside (or benefit) of actually hurting the person you hit, sometimes seriously. Foam, for good or for ill, will not leave broken bodies everywhere.

So arm yourselves, Jedi! Or Sith!