Well Played. “Dad of the Year” Gets His Son’s Attention At NBA Game

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Social media channels are buzzing about a father’s audacious shame tactics. At Friday night’s Cleveland Cavaliers’ game, the off-court drama caught the attention of a camera man who captured the image of a father holding up a motivational message for his son, Thomas.

“Thomas, get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here. love, dad.” It even includes a sad face.


On the court, the Cavaliers were matched against the Hornets. But the Reddit posts were already calling the man “Dad of the year.”

The nature of his message has led some to fill in some gaps. Was Thomas prevented from attending becasue of his grades? Was the father forced to leave his son behind in order to reinforce a message?


Critics consider this type of parenting a bit harsh, but the father is clearly hoping to motivate Thomas.

The Cavaliers ended up beating the Hornets 112-105. But the off-court antics were far from over.

On Sunday, the same man was in Houston as the Rockets played Oklahoma. “Thomas can you hear me now? STUDENT, then ATHLETE son. In that order. Love, Dad.”


It seems like Thomas may need to get his priorities straight. Perhaps there could be a more appropriate venue for the father’s message. NBA players are, when viewed as a class, athletes first. To characterize some of them as students, even when they were enrolled for one year of college, seems to be straining credulity.