Watch this Female High School Kicker Level Kick Returner With Massive Hit [VIDEO]

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Late in the game against the Central Bucks, North Penn had to kick the ball. The kick was deep enough that the Bucks’ offense had a chance at the return. After a reverse, and a solid cut up the sideline, all that stood between the Bucks and the goal line was the kicker–who just happens to be a girl.

If you jump to the conclusion that this girl is going to be easy to beat, you would be wrong. Dead wrong. Kelly Macnamara hit the Bucks player just over the 50 yard line and knocked him into the next county.

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Watching the highlight reels on Monday morning is a great way to kill time in the cubicle. But this…. The best highlights are those that are unexpected. And Kelly Macnamara is unexpected.


Macnamara became the first female football player in North Penn High School’s history. She joined the team as a sophomore. And she’s performing well as a kicker. In the game this week she kicked two field goals and three extra points and made solid contributions to the 33-14 win over the Bucks.


Yet it isn’t her leg that has people talking this week. It is the hit. The old football cliche has a skinny kid plucked from the soccer team for a couple of minutes of Friday night play–hardly an impediment for those tasked with running balls back from the goal line.

So when Macnamara lowered her shoulder and drove into the play, she put North Penn on the viral map. And, in doing so, has done more for the cause of Title IX with the one hit than a room full of administrators.


“I’m still doing everything every sophomore does. I carry in the water bottles, I clean them, I take all the balls and put them away,” Macnamara said when she first made the team.


Yeah. That’s about to change. The North Penn Knights are 7-0 this season. Macnamara, before this brutal tackle, was the fourth ranked kicker in Pennsylvania. And now every other coach in the state is wishing they had a few girls like Macnamara.

For more from Macnamara, check out this interview.