Tim Tebow Stops Baseball Game to Pray for Fan Suffering Seizure. Then Something Awesome Happens.

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Tim Tebow’s attempts at professional football didn’t go as he’d planned. His latest move took him off the gridiron and onto the well manicured grass of the outfield. And he’s back in the news, but not for his skills behind the plate.

Tebow is back in the spotlight after some witnesses say he brought a man back to life by praying over him. When a fan had a seizure at a recent game, the outspokenly Christian athlete prayed over the man who is recovering nicely.


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Most of the baseball news in October focuses on those athletes who are still competing for the two World Series slots. Bush league fall ball is hardly on the radar. Yet Tebow makes news wherever he goes, so there were fans eager to see his official debut behind the plate.


That debut didn’t go as well as many had hoped. Tebow was 0 for 3 at the plate in the contest between the Scottsdale Scorpions and the Glendale Desert Dogs. The game would be little more than a footnote on the sports-page if a fan had not fallen ill in the stands. When the man appeared to have a seizure, Tebow–who was signing autographs at the time–rushed to his side.


The videos of the event pick up at this point. Tebow reportedly prayed over the man, and performed a laying on of hands–a ritual common in the Christian church.

Part of what is most interesting about this event is the way it is being covered by the national media. While there are not confirmed reports of what would be hailed as a genuine miracle, many news outlets are completely ignoring Tebow’s outward demonstration of his faith.


Fox, for example, ran this headline: Tim Tebow reportedly resuscitates fan suffering from seizure.

Cnn: Tim Tebow prays over fan who appears to have a seizure.

USA Today led with: Tim Tebow came to the aid of a fan who had a seizure in the stands.

Sports Illustrated’s title is even more confusing: Tim Tebow helps fan breathe after seizure.

Yet Kari Van Horn, a journalist on scene, tweeted this:

Tebow’s been outspoken about his Christian faith for his entire athletic career. His evangelical background has been polarizing. Some fans find courage in his expression of faith and his willingness to pray publicly.