High School Track Star Dominating Girls State Finals–Just One Problem. He’s Not a Girl. So Why is He Running With the Girls?

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A boy was allowed to compete in the Alaska’s girl’s track and field state championship this year. And he won big—something that isn’t sitting well with the girls with which he was competing.

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Nattaphon Wangyot was allowed to compete in the All-State Honors In Girls Track And Field in Alaska this year, even though he’s not a girl. Why, after winning some of his races, is he being allowed to advance to the finals?

Because we, as a nation, have lost the ability to speak the truth.

Let’s step back a moment and lay an elemental truth on the line. Most species have some sort of sexual dimorphism. This means that the males and females of the species are—when seen as a group—distinct.

Human males are often larger than human females. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but it is reasonable to say that if you took the strongest man in the world and the strongest female in the world, and put them in direct competition—we all know who would come out on top.

The same holds true for most world records. At the same distances, men are predictably faster. They jump higher and farther. We know this to be true, and it is based entirely on physiology, and has nothing at all to do with how one identifies.

So forgive me if my bias is showing. I’m all for Title-9, and I support co-ed sports. I can even get behind co-ed professional sports leagues—let the most qualified players, runner, swimmers, wrestlers, compete.

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But a boy who identifies as a girl has no business competing in single sex competitions. Even if he loses. I don’t care if he gets his ass spanked by the girls. Lines have to be drawn.

Nattaphon Wangyot is biologically a male. It doesn’t matter if he thinks he’s a girl. He isn’t.

Wangyot was allowed to participate in the girls’ division because a ridiculous state law allows each individual high school to decide if boys can compete in individual girls’ events.

The only requirement is that boys self-identify as girls.

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School officials get to decide if the boy truly identifies as a girl. The official policy reads: “For the purposes of gender identification for interscholastic activities, the district will consider the gender identity based on the student’s consistent declaration of gender identity, their actions, attitude, dress and mannerisms.”

Wangyot must have passed that test. He made it to the state finals in 100-meter and 200-meter events. He took fifth place in the 100-meter dash and third in the 200-meter.

He also plays on his school’s girls’ basketball and volleyball teams.

Emma Daniels, a biological female student who lost an all-state roster spot to Wangyot, stated: “I’m glad that this person is comfortable with who they are and they’re able to be happy in who they are, but I don’t think it’s competitively completely 100-percent fair,”

“I don’t know what’s politically correct to say, but in my opinion your gender is what you’re born with,” says Peyton Young. “It’s the DNA. Genetically a guy has more muscle mass than a girl, and if he’s racing against a girl, he may have an advantage.”

Alaska Family Action president Jim Minnery has organized protests. Minnery notes that boys find empowerment in female their identities. Yet that empowerment pushes actual girls from the competitions. Girls lose opportunities to play on teams, to win, even to get the attention they need for scholarships.

Minnery told the Alaskan Dispatch News: “We are here today as a voice from the community to ensure that female athletes are not denied the playing opportunities and scholarships otherwise available to them and to make the playing field even again.”

And he’s right.

“Allowing students to play on teams of the opposite sex disproportionately impacts female students, who will lose spots on a track, soccer and volleyball teams to male students who identify as female.”

That alone in reason enough to grouse. After-all, it wasn’t long ago that women had to fight for equal representation in athletics. Now, to empower students who are experimenting with gender roles, we take those places away from women?

Of course, the flip-side is also fair game. Girls can start competing with boys, I guess. That’s going to make life hell on some middle-schoolers I know who are–developmentally–way behind the girls in their classes.

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This whole thing reminds me of Andy Kaufman wrestling women. If you haven’t ever immersed yourself in Andy Kaufman, I’d suggest you spend the rest of your day watching every thing you can. Start with this one.

If you just can’t help yourself and you want to watch the epic debacle, the absolute mockery of all things sporting, you can click on the video below. I can’t guarantee that you won’t want those two minutes back though.