Here’s the Crash that Led to Shaun White’s 62 Face Stitches [VIDEO]

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Video of Shaun White’s halfpipe crash, which happened in October, recently emerged, showing the snowboarder striking the top of the halfpipe with his head while he was practicing a double cork 1440. During the fall, the side of White’s head hit the lip of the pipe, bouncing off as he crumpled and fell to the bottom.

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The incident happened at Cadrona Snow Park in New Zealand as the acclaimed Olympic gold medalist snowboarder was taking part in pre-season training on October 20.

White’s face was severely damaged, including deep cuts on his forehead, nose and lip.

Discussing the incident from his hospital room, White stated, “I just like scared myself.”

“I’ve never really had that much blood coming out of me before,” he added.

White was flown to an area hospital after the crash, ensuring the injuries he sustained could be quickly treated.

Ultimately, the facial injuries required 62 stitches to repair and, following the surgery, White’s lungs began filling with blood, necessitating his transfer to intensive care.

However, the issue was resolved, and White was able to heal up over the next few weeks.

Last month, White was able to participate in the first two qualifiers for the US Olympic team, coming in third overall during the first and failing to make the finals in the second.

The remaining two qualifiers are scheduled over the next two weeks, and White is still considered a favorite to make the US Olympia snowboarding team, allowing him to compete for what could be his third gold medal.