Colin Kaepernick’s Mother Tells Son How She Feels About His “Protest.”

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Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to show respect during The National Anthem has angered many in this country, and many of those people have been vocal in their outrage. But there’s a new voice speaking out against him–his mother’s.

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Heidi Russo, Colin Kaepernick’s birth mother, gave the boy up for adoption many years ago, but she’s followed her son’s career closely.

Reaction to her sudden act of parenting hasn’t been entirely well received. One user points out that parents who give up children for adoption also give up the right to parent those children. And the criticism may be warranted, as Russo has labeled herself the “Birthmom of Colin” on her Twitter account.

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“SERIOUSLY? Publicly scolding/shaming the adult son you didn’t raise?!? You have some bloody gall, lady.”

When users started berating her for “giving up” on her son, Russo was quick to respond: “PLACING my son for adoption is NOT giving up. It’s giving him the life he deserved & love beyond comprehension….”

Other commenters insinuate that there is something attention seeking in Russo’s behavior. “Why not pick up the phone and have this conversation with your son?”

Most predictably, though, is something that’s obvious to anyone who looks at Russo’s photo. She’s white. She’s not black. And since Kaepernick’s protest is all about the perceived injustice he feels as a black man in America–one who will make more than $11 million this year.

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The race-baiting on Russo’s page escalated quickly, with users going so far as to insinuate that Russo had called her son by racially insensitive euphemisms.

Others have had a field day trolling through the rest of Russo’s twitter feed, which suggests she is an involved part of a loving family, one that still has some direct ties to football.

Will Russo’s parenting have any impact on her son’s behavior, or will her opposition to his protest drive the two even farther apart? Stay tuned.