You’ll Never See Play-Doh The Same

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José Cardoso recently released a number of frankly horrifying creations, the result of portraits and Play-Doh.


Carefully selected to match the skin tone of his various friends, Cardoso invites them to smash and shape the Play-Doh anyway they like. He then photoshops the results onto photos of the same friends.


Cardoso has said the images have many interpertations, ranging from identity loss to the promience of plastic surgery. Either way, the tribute to David Cronenberg is a welcome sight.


Not everyone has found it fascinating, however.
“A lot of people are offended by the images, while others just think this is way too much aggressive,” Cardoso said. “I did this for fun, as a tribute to old-school special effects, an easy and clean way to create bizarre characters … so I expected people to look at this in a more relaxed way and not in a negative way.”


The number of volunteers has also shokced Cardoso.
“I was hoping that two or three close friends would agree to help me, but every day I have private messages on my Facebook account like: ‘Hey, I’m John, I really want you to smash my face up. How can we do this? Thanks!’” Cardoso said.


You can find more of Cardoso’s work at Behance.net