The Punisher Is Russia’s Bada## Next Generation Armored Vehicle

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The long reported Zil Punisher has now been spotted in the wild and it’s as epic as anticipated.

Now in service with the Russian Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti (FSB), the is rarely seen in public but was rolled out for this ridiculously awesome demonstration of a Russian SWAT raid.

Sporting a 730-horsepower V8, the Punisher is up-armored to resist small arms fire up to and including .30 caliber rounds and can seat up to 8 people inside the armored cocoon. Rumors indicate it may also be mine/IED resistant like the American MRAP.

And all this can be yours for the bargain basement price of just $250,000.


The only question is… what kind of tactical vehicle sports a bright red front grill?