YouTuber makes fully functional Captain America shield. What happens if it hits you?

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Give a YouTuber a faux-vibranium shield, large electromagnets, and a camera and you’re going to get a video testing just how capable Captain America’s shield is at being thrown against things and returning to the user.

That’s exactly what the Hacksmith did and the results are… rather impressive. But what happens if the real Captain America’s shield hit you? You’ll find out in just a little bit.

After seeing that video, all that can really be said is… “how much?”. Here’s the video of the creation of the shield and the electromagnet system to make it act like Cap’s faithful shield.

A little bit of behind the scenes action and bloopers:


And on to the important part! What happens if the “real” Captain America’s shield hits you? Thanks to the awesome guys at vsauce3, we have an exceptionally disappointing answer: