What is the Limit to How Far Humans Can Travel Through Space? [VIDEO]

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Is there an absolute limit to how far we can travel through space, even if we can turn science fiction technologies into science fact?

It turns out, there is. Even more startlingly, it’s just .00000000001% of the observable universe. That’s right, 1 hundred billionth of 1 percent.

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Here’s a quick refresher. We live inside our solar system and our solar system is part of the Milky Way galaxy.

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The Milky Way galaxy is gravatationally bound to the Andromeda galaxy as well as a collection of dwarf galaxies in what’s known as the Local Group.

Remember the key part of being gravatationally bound, that’s going to be a big part of the problem with traveling further in space.

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The Local Group is just one of millions of other similar groups throughout the observable universe. Inside each group, the systems are bound to each other, but the groups themselves are not bound at all.

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So why can’t we travel from one group to another, such as the Maffei Group, the closest one to our own?

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Dark energy. The expansive force of dark energy means that the groups are expanding away from each other faster than we could travel, even in the Millennium Falcon.

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It’s the long term outlook that starts to get very, very disturbing. Check out the video and find out why our descendants will have no idea that there are even other galaxies, much less that there was ever a big bang.