Watch a Rocket Powered Lego Super Star Destroyer Get Obliterated at Full Speed [VIDEO]

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Sometimes, the best part about building something is destroying it, and David Windestal of “Rocket Knife” certainly understands that pleasure. He created a LEGO Super Star Destroyer, which involved 3,152 separate pieces and weighs in at eight pounds, just to smash it with a little assistance from some rockets and a wall.

[Scroll down for video]

To make the Star Destroyer’s epic demise possible, Windestal added a holder to the base, allowing it to properly attach to the sled.

The “working engines” were attached to the underside, allowing the craft to accelerate up to “warp speed.”

Once attached to the guide, the Star Destroyer slides easily along the track thanks to skateboard wheels.

For fun, they placed a small LEGO Darth Vader on the front, complete with a lightsaber and cape, so he could take part in the journey.

The “sugar-powered” rocket is attached to the underside of the sled, giving it the necessary force.

Once the Star Destroyer is launched into the wall, the level of damage can’t be denied.

h/t Popular Mechanics