Watch a Guy Get Stung by the ‘Cow Killer’ Velvet Ant in the Name of Science [VIDEO]

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Coyote Peterson, one of the minds behind the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, has been working his way through some of the most painful stings a person can experience. In the video, he intentionally gets stung by the velvet ant, which is nicknamed the “cow killer,” which has a one-inch long stinger and is fourth on the insect sting pain index.

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Technically a species of ground wasp, the velvet ant earned its reputation as “the cow killer” based on a rumor that the pain from a sting is so intense that it can kill a cow. Only the females of the species have stingers while only the males have wings.

Peterson has intentionally subjected himself to a range of bites and stings, including encounters with fire ants, blood sucking leeches, and even an alligator.

He is choosing to get stung to provide viewers with additional information about the experience. That, and he intends to work his way up the insect sting pain index, culminating with taking a sting from a bullet ant.

The pain associated with a velvet ant sting is said to be extreme and last for 30 minutes.

Watching Peterson deal with the sting is a challenge, as it is obvious he’s in immense pain. However, he also describes the experience, providing those who watch the video with insight into why getting stung by the velvet ant is said to be such a horrendous experience.

h/t Popular Science