Science Teacher’s Freestyle Rap Blows Student’s Minds & Sets Internet on Fire

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‘I’m a slow-flow lyricist. I bring in the light when I’m swinging a mike, I’m bringing the light like it’s photosynthesis’

Those are some of the lyrics from a freestyle rap that 24-year-old science teacher Christian Foley dropped on his 8th grade students at Cardinal Pole School.

“Ever wondered what the day job of a rap teacher is like? Here is a science freestyle challenge set by my year 8’s.,” Foley wrote as he posted the video online.

Foley has used his rhyming skills to release an album, Jumpers for Goalposts, and to work with at-risk youth in his hometown.

“I use poetry to facilitate education to children. I work with kids who have been excluded from school and young offenders who’ve had problems with gangs. It’s challenging but very rewarding.”