New Study Reveals the Best Way to Deal With Psychopaths

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Psychopaths – what’s the best way to deal with them? Just because someone has psychopathic tendencies doesn’t mean they are a serial killer, or even a dysfunctional person. However, they can be manipulative.

A new study thinks its found the best way to deal with real world psychopaths.

Researchers took 200 Canadian citizens and then ranked them based on negative behaviors and used personality tests to determine which of the group demonstrated psychopathic tendencies.

Then, the entire group was given the opportunity to play a negotiating game where they had the chance to win real money (just like a real negotiation). Some participants played the game face to face, some online via instant messenger.

What the researchers found was that non-psychopaths were able to better weed out manipulative psychopathic behavior online far better than in person. Researchers theorized there were two reasons for this. Psychopaths weren’t able to use visual cues and body language from the other party against them, and without visual cues from the psychopath (such as a smiling face, gentle touch, etc) their language was much harsher on its own.

So there go, if you think you might have to deal with someone who you think might be a manipulative psychopath, then do so online, or, even better, not at all.