7 Weird Facts That Sound Like Hoaxes, But Are Actually True

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Trying to separate fact from fiction can be difficult, especially in a world that seems to be plagued by internet hoaxes and misinformation. However, just because something sounds incredibly outlandish doesn’t mean it isn’t, in fact, true. The ideas of headless animals living or certain creatures being born pregnant sound fake, even if they aren’t.

As reported by Insider, not every weird piece of information you find is actually fake. Here are a few examples.

A Chicken Survived Without a Head for 18 Months

Many people have heard chickens can survive without their head for some time, but one, dubbed Mike the Headless Chicken, lived for 18 months after being decapitated.

The ability to survive is based on the fact that a chicken’s brain is largely located at the back of the skull, and isn’t very large to begin with. If it remains mostly intact after the rest of the head is removed, it can survive off of its nerve endings alone.

Mike the Headless Chicken lived because the owners kept feeding him by dropping water and foot straight into his esophagus, keeping him nourished until his body finally gave up 18 months later.

Humans Don’t Have Kneecaps Until Around Age Three

When human children are born, they don’t have the part of the skeleton called the patella, or kneecap. Initially, it is simply cartilage that doesn’t ossify to become actual bone until they reach the toddler stage of development.

Nintendo was Founded in 1889

While most people associate Nintendo with video game consoles, the business was actually founded as a card game company in 1889. They expanded their offerings by adding different forms of games over the course of the company’s history and, eventually, become the tech producer most people know today.

Some Turkeys Can Impregnate Themselves

Certain turkeys can procreate through a form of asexual reproduction called parthenogenesis, allowing an embryo to grow without fertilization. While this kind of reproduction isn’t unheard of in the animal and plant kingdoms, it is considered very rare among birds.

Aphids Can Birth Pregnant Offspring

Aphids, a fairly common garden inspect, can actually be born already pregnant, and don’t require males to propagate the species. This allows the reproductive cycle to practically mimic an assembly line as embryos in development are already developing new embryos before birth.

The Earth has More Trees Than the Galaxy has Stars

Most people don’t have a full grasp on the number of trees that exist across the planet. While NASA estimates the Milky Way Galaxy has between 100 billion and 400 billion stars, an impressive count, Earth is currently come to over 3 trillion trees.

A Teaspoon Full of a Neutron Star Weighs the Same as Around 900 Pyramids of Giza

Though neutron stars are relatively small, measuring around 12.5 miles in diameter, they are astoundingly dense. It is estimated that a single cubic meter of the material would way approximately the same as the Atlantic Ocean in its entirety.