When Protesters Pepper Sprayed His Wife, This Trump Supporter Lost It [VIDEO]

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Most elections in the United States take center stage for a year or more running up to the actual vote, then quietly fade into political history. Not this one. Trump supporters, and many who still oppose them, are still holding rallies. And a recent pro-Trump march in California turned violent when the two groups met.

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The MAGA (Make America Great Again) March in Huntington Beach, California, Saturday, wasn’t as peaceful as organizers had intended. Thought most of the 2,000 Trump supporters had good intentions, several of the Trump supporters showed up with flags emblazoned with swastikas.

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Tim Morris, who was there supporting Trump, said “these guys don’t represent all of us.”

The pro-Trump marchers were met by opposition, and it is believed that one Trump supporter lunged at a protester, and the fight broke out.

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When one of the protesters doused a woman in pepper spray, her husband fought back, swinging at the man with his Make America Great Again flag.

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Jennifer Sterling, the Daily Mail reports, was trying to break up the fight when she got caught up in the violence. The fights in the aftermath broke out sporadically over the next half hour.

All told, four people were arrested. Three of those arrested were protesters who had attacked the marchers with pepper spray.

“This is frustrating because we are trying to claim the higher ground here,” John Beamaan said.

Even the protesters admitted it had gotten out of hand. “We were expecting it to be more peaceful,’ said Jordan Hoiberg, of the Socialist Party USA. The group had helped mobilize the opposition.

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“We were not about to start something when we are ten people and they are a thousand. That would be suicidal.”