What America is Getting for Christmas: Lego’s Newest Set “The Trumps” [VIDEO]

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2016 has been defined by parodies of political candidates. Now that Trump looks certain to be certified by the electoral college, he has become the target of choice. Images, cartoons, bad-photos, rewritten tweets, his own tweets, and now Legos. The video below was meant as a parody, but it would certainly be a popular set. “The Trumps.”


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Lego has always been a symbol of creative expression. When stop-motion videos came into vogue, the toy became a means of social critique. Lego films often satirize more established fan-favorites, like Star Wars or Harry Potter, in a fully licensed and playful form of self-deprecation.


Donald Trump, though, isn’t known for his acceptance of satire. He has bristled at the mockery coming out of Saturday Night Live, and other pop-culture machines that exist to dismantle those who take themselves too seriously. As of the writing of this article, he hasn’t responded to the Lego parody.


The Donald Trump-themed set comes with all members of the president-elect’s family. They even come with their own Trump Towers.


Many of Trump’s recently highlighted foibles are acted out in the video. He takes on climate scientists. He sends out tweets from his bed in the middle of the night. He gets a direct line to Putin. Even the Alt-Right media scandals get a not-too-subtle critique.


The video was produced by the YouTube channel “The School of Life.” Since it went up on Wednesday, it is racking up views. Those who despise the new President-elect are laughing at him. Yet those who find hope in his election are laughing with him.


“The Trumps” was supposed to be a video parody of the new first family, but many who see it like what they see. This is, ironically, exactly why many people feel Trump won in the first place. The element of satire that is designed to mock the President-elect is seen by many Trump supporters as a badge of his in-your-face, drain-the-swamp, anti-establishment character.


No matter how you look at it, the video is funny. There’s an edge to this that is deeply satisfying. And mind the small-print; tax returns not included.

H/T Huffington Post