Watch Wisconsin Protestors Erupt When All 10 Electoral College Votes Certified for Trump [VIDEO]

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Liberals in Wisconsin are still in shock after their state, which all assumed was a lock for Hillary Clinton in the November 9th presidential election, narrowly went to Trump. Activists have tried numerous tactics to overturn the results, and now–as all 1o of the state’s electoral college votes were certified for Donald Trump–they’re still protesting.


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The protests today were not on the same scale as earlier marches, yet a few protestors managed to get into the room with the electors themselves, and when news broke that the state’s votes had gone to Trump, one protestor exploded.


“This is my America! You have sold us out! Listen to your hearts,” she shouted. “Listen to all of it!” She was met calmly by police who were obviously anticipating trouble, and escorted from the room, but not before she’d performed what may have been one of the more futile performances.


“Please say no to Donald Trump. You’re selling us to Russia,” one woman pleaded. “No Putin president,” yelled another man.


Wisconsin’s 10 presidential electors cast ballots for President-elect Donald Trump. “This hasn’t been done since 1984 — 32 years. It’s been a very fun time,” GOP chairman Brad Courtney said of the electors’ meeting.


Democrats had held out hope that the votes might have been awarded proportionately, or for Hillary Clinton, or for anyone other than Trump. Yet the Hillary hopefuls and those pulling for the so called Hamilton Electors (a group proposing the election of a more moderate republican) appear to have lost.


It will be another two weeks before the complete vote count is known. Vice President Biden will bring the votes of the Electoral College before the House and Senate on January 6, 2017. That is the final step before President-elect Trump’s inauguration on January 20 2017.


It is unclear where the protestors will turn their energies now. The recount efforts failed, and it appears that the Electoral College process will go as the election predicted.