Thief Tries to Steal Trump Sign. Finds Out it’s Electrified. [VIDEO]

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If someone is stealing your 2016 campaign signs, you could take a page from this homeowner’s book. When this man’s Donald Trump sign was repeatedly stolen from his yard, he devised a simple and effective solution.

He wired the sign. The video of the thief finding out the hard way is going viral. And it is entertaining. It is racking up the views on YouTube, and is actually more effective than most of Trump’s actual campaign efforts.


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The video begins with the admonition, “After months of theft and vandalism I’ve had enough.” Then the surveillance footage rolls. A man wearing a blue sweatshirt can be seen pushing a stroller in the distance.


After his walk, the man returns. He approaches it tentatively, in broad daylight, and then runs up to remove the sign. But when he grabs the sign, and that’s when the magic happens.


While the shock doesn’t kill him, it does seem to be a surprise. The vandal pulled it from the ground, but couldn’t hold onto it long enough to make a getaway with the sign.

The video ends with this: “My neighbor was charged with trespassing … Make America Great Again.”

The electric sign trick was employed in Washington state, too. A Trump supporter wired his sign and put up an electric fence to protect it.

“It’ll light you up a bit, especially if you’re standing in wet grass,” Ray Gilbride told his local radio station

A surveillance camera caught a woman stealing his sign. Despite the obvious shock, this thief was more determined, and still made off with the sign.

“This young lady came running through and she grabs the signs, pulls them out and that’s where you can see plain as day, the jolt hit her a little bit,” Gilbride said. “She just stopped, just a dead stop, and soon as the pulsing was done, she kinda got her senses and ripped them out and took off running down the street.”

How widespread are the sign thefts? Check out this video. Seems they’re increasingly common.

Or there’s this one, which shows the mentality much more clearly.