This Anti-Clinton Ad Starring Michelle Obama is So Bad Clinton is Suing to Get it Taken Down [VIDEO]

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As the 2016 presidential campaign winds down, the rhetoric being used to convince voters is getting more desperate. One example is the Clinton campaign’s desperation to reach younger voters–many of whom are devoted fans of Michelle Obama.

The first lady has been appearing on the campaign trail, stumping for Clinton. Yet some voters remember a time when the First Lady wasn’t such a big fan of Clinton. And the Trump campaign has found good video to back that up.


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It is worthwhile to note that Clinton has hitched her wagon to Michelle Obama, and is more cautious with Barrack Obama. Michelle’s approval rating and honest speaking style has made her a crowd favorite. Her husband, though, isn’t nearly as popular.


This ad, currently being run in the battleground state of Florida, will bring back some bad memories for Clinton. The ad was paid for by a pro-Trump Super PAC. In it, Michelle Obama casts aspersion on Clinton’s ability to lead.

“One of the important aspects of this race is role-modeling what good families should look like. And my view is, if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House. You can’t do it,” Obama says.


The remarks were pulled from the 2008 presidential primary race.

On Monday, Clinton campaign team sent cease and desist letters to several television affiliates that are running the ad, claiming it is false and misleading.


Trump’s council calls this an attempt to “deny the public an opportunity to view our advertisement because it is ‘false and misleading’. In reality, HFA simply finds it politically inconvenient that a top surrogate for its candidate once held a differing view concerning her qualifications for

“If HFA seeks to make a factual argument concerning the meaning of the words clearly and unambiguously videotaped coming from the mouth of Michelle Obama, they are free to do so. They are not, however, free to threaten legal action to prevent the public from making up its own mind.”


PAC spokesperson Hogan Gidley dismissed the lawsuit claims. “Hillary’s just angry because the ad is impactful, it’s working and it speaks directly to the women she’s been trying to con for years. Hillary’s own campaign said when Michelle Obama speaks out, ‘it has a real impact,’ and indeed, we agree – because it was Mrs. Obama who correctly pointed out Hillary Clinton ‘certainly can’t run the White House,’” he said.