Trump’s Team Promises “Taco Trucks on Every Corner” Under Clinton Administration

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Donald Trump’s recent trip to Mexico may have just been a desire for authentic Mexican food. Building a wall between the United states and Mexico would make quick cross-border jaunts for taquitos much more complex. What’s wrong with the American version of Mexican cuisine? Well, according to Latino’s For Trump, the enemy is the local neighborhood taco truck.

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Latinos for Trump co-founder Marco Gutierrez, being interviewed by MSNBC, pointed out the problem in what some are heralding as one possible version of America under the reign of Hillary Clinton.

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“My culture is a very dominant culture,” Gutierrez warned. “And it’s imposing, and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re gonna have taco trucks every corner.”

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That’s right. He’s openly arguing against his own culture, which he claims is dominant. And the best representation of that culture is, of course, the taco truck.

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The curious nature of this attack on ethnic food trucks has left some scratching their heads. Taco trucks are often adored, developing strong cult followings with their high-art version of working-class Mexican inspired convince food.

Wouldn’t there be a better way to point out the problems caused by immigration?

To make it even more confusing, Gutierrez dropped an allusion to Star Trek. Deporting illegals is the right thing to do, he claims, because “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

The interview quickly devolved after the taco truck comment. And the concept has gained momentum on Twitter, as would be expected.

The voting decision is now far more complicated. Some voters who were still leery of all of Clinton’s very unpresidential handling of classified information, might now find their allegiance to Trump challenged by the promise of a wide proliferation of taco trucks.

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