Trump Went on Early Morning Twitter Rant Explaining Firing of James Comey

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Donald Trump is a fan of Twitter. No news there. The President feels like his tweets provide the American people access to his thoughts without the filter of bias he assumes of global media outlets. So it should come as no surprise that Trump has been tweeting away since his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey Tuesday afternoon.

Unsubstantiated rumors out of the White House claim Trump didn’t think that firing Comey was going to erupt into partisan bickering. Most Democrats blame Comey, at least in part, for Clinton’s stunning defeat in the 2016 election. Even Clinton herself blames Comey’s admission that the FBI was still investigating her email scandal as reason for her defeat.

So wouldn’t they be pleased to see him go? No. Comey was at the head of the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, and many have speculated that he was fired becasue he’d gotten too close to proving Russian collusion with the Trump team.

So who will run that investigation now? That remains to be seen. The pessimists assume that the investigation will die on the vine once Trump appoints a new director, one who is presumed to be sympathetic to his cause.

The statement above may be one of the most accurate tweets from Trump. Comey had lost the trust of Democrats during the election, and had alienated Republicans during the ongoing Russia investigations.

His tweets, as we’ve seen before, take to task those responsible for the news the President is responding to. In this case, it is Richard Blumenthal who Trump is dismantling.

Blumenthal’s character and attempts at stolen valor should have been enough for him to lose credibility, and yet he is still openly attacking the President’s judgement.

And to round it all out, Trump has once again gone after the media that his tweets are meant to dodge.

Where did CNN get their information that Stone was the man pushing for Comey to be fired?

That remains to be seen.

If Donald Trump’s tweets have illustrated anything, it is what he’s paying attention to. During the ongoing commentary about Comey, Trump paused to retweet two stories from The Drudge Report.