This BBreitbart Interview with Sean Spicer is the Most Awkward Thing You’ll See This Week [VIDEO]

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Breitbart News has been the subject of numerous stories since President Trump began naming cabinet members. This story, though, asks more complicated questions. First among them is: why would they ever air this?

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The premise is clear enough. Breitbart has some influential ties with the White House, and they used those ties to get access to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. They then set up a Facebook Live video to discuss the ruling delivered by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Trump’s immigration ban.

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It is an awkward video. White House correspondent Charlie Spiering doesn’t do Breitbart any favors. The company that many believe to be responsible for much of this campaign cycle’s “fake news” sent a reporter who appears to have never conducted a live interview to meet with the White House Press Secretary.

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Spiering stumbles through the intro, and then fidgets through the remainder of the awkward video. That is hardly the worst part. The camera person isn’t very experienced, either. Not only are they not sure when the interview is going to begin (which can be seen in the opening festival of awkward silence), they aren’t sure who is in frame, when.

The result is unnerving. As viewers, we are so accustomed to polished camera work. Amateur bungling like this tends to distract us from what’s being said. It is as if this camera operator has seen something that the two on camera personalities are wholly unaware of. Yet that isn’t the case here.

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Sean Spicer, for his part, shows an admirable amount of restraint in dealing with this bungling crew from Breitbart. He looks utterly exhausted. Though he answers the questions, he seems to be frustrated with the effort of, yet again, defending policies that he himself didn’t implement.

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In the end, the whole video conveys no new information. Despite making the claim that this is an exclusive, the video really doesn’t do much to add to the collective understanding about what the president plans to do after his appeal was denied.

Instead, we’re left with a Breitbart video that you watch with the same enthusiasm that you would a YouTube Fail compilation.