They Told Trump “We Don’t Have Time for the National Anthem”. Here’s His Live TV Response…

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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had a larger than expected crowd for a rally in Anaheim today and it lead to a perfect Trump campaign moment.

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Trump’s campaign staff was told that the crowd was so large and the event was starting late (as all political events do), and that time constraints meant they would need to skip the national anthem for the television broadcasts.

Not having the national anthem at a rally to support a candidate for President of the United States doesn’t seem very patriotic and Trump didn’t hesitate to respond on live TV.

“I got here, and they all said, ‘We have a great crowd. We don’t have time for the National Anthem,'” Trump recalled. “I said, ‘Yes we do — we have time for the National Anthem, right?'”

The billionaire businessman turned politician then introduced Sherry Wilkins to sing the anthem and open the convention.

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When Wilkins finished, Trump thanked her and said she has a “great voice” before pointing out he has a lot of support among women, despite polling data showing they overwhelmingly dislike him.

Trump Women

“I’m telling you women do like me, I’m telling you,” the candidate told a cheering crowd.