The Polls Are In – Trump’s Surprising Numbers After Congressional Speech [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s first speech to Congress took place last night. The speech covered an array of topics regarding the future of this country. After the polling of viewers, the consensus is that 7 in 10 viewers reportedly had a very positive reaction, according to a new CNN/ORC poll of speech-watchers.


In numerical terms, the poll claimed that 57 percent of viewers agreed that the president had the country heading in the right direction.


To be completely transparent about the poll conducted, in most cases for a viewer to watch a speech to Congress it is usually because they support that candidate. According to the poll data, there was an eight point higher surge of republicans taking the poll.


As mention before, Trump spoke on various topics of improving the country and it should be no surprise that the highest mark the president scored was his plan to improve the economy. When addressing Congress and the American people on his plans for the economy, the approval rating of the topic was 72%.

When Trump spoke on his anti-terrorism plan, there was an approval rating of 70%. 64% supported his tax proposal and reform, prominently because that topic is usually the most convoluted topic to viewers.


To end out the poll ratings, Trump’s immigration proposal was met with a 62% approval  and 61% thought that the health care system was going in the right direction.

Two-thirds of those polled thought that the political ideology of the speech was just right. While 26% cited it as being too conservative, 8% expresses it wasn’t conservative enough for their views.


While 57% is a very respectable number for the newly elected president’s first address to  Congress, it does fall lower than prior presidents. Both Barrack Obama and George W. Bush out scored Trump with their first address.

Obama’s  initial address was marked at 68% approval, and eventually, during his last year in office, he received an 88% approval rating.


George W. Bush’s first address in 2001 received the mark of 69% which is considered a modest score. Bush’s highest mark was a 91% a year later in 2002.

It’s not a secret that Trump is considered a divisive president. There have been mounds of controversy and second-guessing throughout the nation, but after this address, the second guesses can be laid to rest. The American people are starting to see the plan he has to “Make America Great Again.”