The Nickname George W. Bush’s Granddaughter Uses for Him is Adorably Spot On.

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President George W. Bush has been given a lot of nicknames over the years – not all of them flattering.

Vice President Dick Cheney called him “The Apprentice”.


His Texan friends call him “The Bombastic Bushkin”.


Many still call him “Dubya”, or simply “W”.

Some people even called him things like Hillbilly Hitler, or (one of the more subtle nicknames) The Bogus POTUS. This comes with the territory, though. You can’t get into politics without making yourself a target.


None of those come close to the spot-on nickname George W. Bush’s 4 year old granddaughter calls him.

But Bush knows the power of nicknames, and can dish them out better than some of his cohort. As the President of his fraternity at Yale, he was responsible for nicknaming the pledges. And he carried the habit forward into his political career.

He had positive nicknames for people he liked.  CIA Director George Tenet was Brother George. Vladimir Putin was either Pootie-Poot, or Ostrich Legs. And if you aren’t careful, 43 will give you a nickname, and paint your portrait (he’s a painter now).


He was particularly brutal with Karl Rove, who he alternately called The Boy Genius, or Turd Blossom. And that was someone he actually liked. Thankfully, he hasn’t painted any turd blossoms yet. Not that I know of.

None of those come close to the spot-on nickname George W. Bush’s 4 year old granddaughter calls him.


Mila, who we can assume has every reason to adore her grandfather, has taken to calling him Jefe – the Spanish word for chief.

Mila is Jena Bush Hager’s oldest daughter, and she’s got Dubya’s number. The Bush grandchildren talk to Laura and George daily, thanks to the wonders of webcams. But Jefe? Who new four-year-old kids could be so spot on. The word, in Spanish, means boss. This isn’t the boss that writes your paycheck, exactly, but the man in charge. The Chief. The leader. It is a deferential title of respect–and it would be just plain cute if it wasn’t so scary accurate.