Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to Square Off For a U.S. Senate Run [VIDEO]

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Many believe the election of Donald Trump marked a surreal turn in American. Hold onto your hats. Or get out your lighters. The political game is about to take a rowdy twist. Ted Nugent, outspoken rock and roll icon, is considering a bid for the U.S. Senate.

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Michigan politics are in a state of turmoil. Earlier this week, Fox reported on the outside possibility that Kid Rock’s name is being floated by the Michigan Republican Party as a possible nominee for a Senate race, Ted Nugent, The Whackmaster has thrown a wrench in the works by saying he is considering running for the same spot.

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Consider it. A primary race between Kid Rock and The Motor City Madman.

Terrible Ted would certainly give Kid Rock some serious competition, and might split the Republican constituency along age lines.

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The Nuge is no stranger to politics. He’s an outspoken Second Amendment supporter, and is prone to capturing headlines with his inflammatory comments about Democrats.

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“I’m always very interested in making my country and the great state of Michigan great again and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help in any way I possibly can,” Uncle Ted said in an interview with The Daily Caller.

Fox spoke with Michigan GOP press officer Sarah Anderson, and she states that their office has had no contact with Nugent.

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“There’s a lot of excitement here in Michigan and we think Ted Nugent would be a great candidate to win against Debbie Stabenow,” Anderson said. “I think [Kid Rock] would be awesome.” And as for the chances? She said she would not “be surprised if there was a movement for him to run.”

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So, just rumors for now. Yet this is how these movements test the water. Release a rumor. Gauge public reaction. Make a decision.

The winner of a Rock/Nugent race would face Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow who was first elected to her current position more than 16 years ago.

If the two aging (and even more aged) rockers were to face off, it would likely be the most widely covered primary in the history of primaries. Rock has backed numerous Republican politicians, though he describes his own political position as Libertarian. Nugent? He’s emblematic of the mass of men who just put Donald Trump in the White House.