Ted Cruz Produces a Surprise Map During His Obamacare Debate With Bernie Sanders [VIDEO]

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CNN, eager to capitalize on the interest many Americans suddenly are expressing in politics, held a debate Tuesday night between Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Bernie Sanders. The focus was the inevitable end of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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ACA, or Obamacare as it has come to be known, is on the way out. President Trump campaigned on ending the ACA, and he’s already implemented steps needed to begin its removal.

Supporters of the ACA want a functional replacement in place before the repeal. Republicans have pledged to fix all of the problems, though how they intend to do so has not been detailed yet.

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With that in mind, CNN invited two key players in the future of the ACA. Bernie Sanders has long considered health care a right. He’s pushing for a government run plan that eliminates private insurance. Cruz, on the other hand, is arguing for a significant reform of the existing program. Cruz, as he articulated in the debate, considers access to health care, and not health care itself, as a right for all Americans.

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One interesting moment from the debate featured a map that Ted Cruz used to highlight an interesting link between the availability of insurers and the areas of the country that voted for Trump.

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There are other maps like it.

Cruz argues that 70 percent of the counties in America have only one or two available providers. This limits choice for those Americans. The limited options for providers and the limited plans that the limited providers offer are often the most common complaints about the ACA.

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“It’s interesting, you look at this map, this also very much looks like the electoral map that elected Donald Trump,” Cruz said, referencing the map. “It’s really quite striking that the communities that have been hammered by this disaster of a law said, ‘Enough already.’”
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The solution Cruz has proposed is a broadening of competition. He suggested that providers make their plans available across the entire country. By widening the scope of the competitivemarket, those looking for insurance would have a much better chance of finding a plan that is tailored to their individual needs.