Social Justice Warrior Throws Tantrum When She Sees Make America Great Again Hat

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Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again doesn’t seem to be all that offensive, but you wouldn’t know that by the tantrum thrown by this social justice warrior. When she gets one look at this Trump campaign hat, she blows a gasket.

Not only does she accuse her fellow student of engaging in hate speech, she demands that he remove his hateful hat, and march down to the university president’s office to receive his spanking.


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The incident occurred at Mount Royal University, which isn’t even in America. Yet our very America Social Justice disease has escaped our borders and infected the campuses on our northern neighbors.

The young woman, irate about the damage that could be caused by the Make America Great Again hat, approached the student and demanded that he remove it. When their exchange became heated, his friend began recording.


The argument she lays out against Trump’s MAGA slogan has nothing to do with the slogan itself. The woman has is convinced that Trump is anti-immigrant, and that this equals hate speech. When both of the men point out that Trump is actually married to an immigrant, and that his platform opposes illegal immigration, the woman seems momentarily confused.


Yet that doesn’t stop her from threatening punitive action. She tries to convince him that she’s a friend, and acting in his best interest, but when he won’t comply she threatens to use the full force of MRU’s administrative disciplinary action.

The video ends when another student, reportedly a friend of the hat wearer, becomes angry about their exchange, and take the hat away.


Shortly after, security responded to the scene. Melanie Rogers, a spokeswoman for MRU, said officials are aware of the situation but would not comment.

“Mount Royal University respects individuals who exercise their constitutionally-protected right to freedom of expression, as long as it is peaceful and respectful,” Rogers said.


The social justice warrior, concerned about the treatment her censorship has received since the video’s release, has commented.

“Today (Wednesday) I got into an altercation with a guy wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. I went up and asked him if he would take the hat off, explaining a university should be a safe space,” she wrote.


“It was impossible to communicate to him why wearing a hat in support of a movement grown on the seeds of racism, bigotry and exclusion of diversity (sexual and cultural) could make some people afraid,” she added.

Yes. Impossible to communicate indeed.