Rudy Giuliani Calls College Students “A Bunch of Spoiled Cry-Babies”

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New Yorkers are not widely recognized for their compassionate acceptance of others. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a prime example. And the Former Mayor’s reaction to the #NeverTrump protestors is heating up.

He’s especially harsh on the younger cohort: college kids. Many of them didn’t vote, but are protesting Hillary’s epic loss. “The reality is they’re a bunch of spoiled crybabies,” Giuliani told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

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Giuliani has become a relevant figure again, as he may become Trump’s attorney general.

His harsh assessment of the coping skills of millennials comes after reports surfaced that colleges are hosting “cry-ins.” Other schools are bringing in therapy dogs, or asking students to pound out their frustrations on Play-Doh.


This is what’s making headlines, though, and Giuliani recognizes that many–if not most–college students are stronger than this. “Most of the kids aren’t crying,” he said. And his implication is that most aren’t all-that upset. “Most of the kid are going to class.”

Giuliani believes the nation is seeing a rise in Republicans among the nation’s youngest voters.


“I speak at a lot of colleges campuses and what I find is, this might be a somewhat heartening fact, we are growing up a slightly higher percentage of conservative students now than we used to, because they are rebelling against the professors,” Giuliani said.

“And if you’re looking at the real left-wing loonies on the campus it’s the professors not the students. So these are probably the ones more influenced by the professors.”


Giuliani believed that the young people who did vote for Trump, did so because the businessman’s economic message resonated with them.

Many of the students realize that they have to work after college. “I got to get a job when I leave here,” he said, empathizing with them.


The new president-elect should take a thoughtful approach to dealing with his detractors, Giuliani suggested.

“You should find a way to listen and talk about it and say to them, look you’re overdoing it, take awhile and evaluate my presidency in a year from now.” Trump should say, “calm down, things are not as bad as you think” and “give me a year.”


If things aren’t better after one year under President Trump, then the students should be sad. “You can go cry then,” he said.