Rogue White House Staffer Posting Behind-The-Scenes Tweets of Trump’s Administration

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President Donald Trump has a public relations problem. This, of course, is a bit of an understatement. He’s built his campaign off no-nonsense, in-your-face rhetoric that many found appalling. Now the tables have turned, and his staff is going rogue.

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Off-the-record comments are easy to come by. Their lack of official backing strips them of most of their significance. But when Trump entered office and put a gag order on many government communications, he made some bold enemies.


It began with the National Park service going rogue. Some disgruntled rangers set-up unofficial lines of communication on Twitter and began blasting out their typical park news, backed with some information on climate change data. News of the rebellious Tweets went viral.

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And now that same spirit of sedition has crept into the White House itself. At least one bold staffer is leaking information from deep inside the White House, and–if the information is accurate–providing a less-than-flattering view of the new administration.

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In just five days, the new account has picked up 400,000 followers. This is a blow to the President. His iron grip on communications set the tone for his first few days in office. An added irony is his well-known love of Twitter, and his declaration that he can bypass the “fake news” common on outlets like CNN by taking his message directly to the American people via Twitter.

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@RoguePOTUSStaff claims to be “the unofficial resistance team inside the White House.”

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Critics are unsure of the accounts veracity. Until the author is fully exposed, there’s no way to tell if the Tweets are genuine, or if it is simply some exceptionally well crafted satire.

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There is an easy way to out the mole, as anyone who watches espionage thrillers will know, and that is to provide Tweet-worthy news to individuals, with minor variations that would lead back to the culprit.

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Until that time, though, this is a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.

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