Kamala Harris Says Nobody Should Work Two Jobs. Americans Respond.

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As the 2020 election inches closer and closer, there are bound to be a few candidates who rock the political landscape and inadvertently reveal just how out of touch they are with what Americans really think and feel. We have seen various candidates from both sides of the aisle bring up some outrageous ideas simply to be noticed by the masses. But this one may take the cake.

Kamala Harris, a Democrat running out of California, announced via Twitter Tuesday night that she feels no one should have to work more than one job to survive.

Now sure, in an ideal world, we’d all like to see this. But Americans pride themselves on being hardworking and doing what needs to be done. In fact, many argue that hard work is what the country’s foundation was built upon.

Sadly, though, we have seen countless politicians run on a certain topic/subjects but not follow through in their own lives. Harris may certainly believe that people should only have to work one job to make ends meet, but does she walk the walk?

For example, Harris had the opportunity to pay 53 interns who worked under her in 2017, but all 53 positions are unpaid, according to The Sacramento Bee.

This isn’t the only time that Harris has pushed for a redistribution of wealth in America. In July of 2018, Harris tweeted the following: “In 99% of counties in America, someone making the minimum wage working full time can’t afford a 1-bedroom apartment. That is outrageous. I’ve just introduced the Rent Relief Act, so that Americans who spend over 30% of their income on rent can get a portion of that money back.”

On paper, this may sound like a great idea, but in actuality, very few people would receive benefits from this program. According to Forbes, landlords would raise the price of rent just to turn a profit. In turn, the government helping those with their monthly rent would be expected to foot the increased bill.

Sometimes things sound great on paper, but in reality, there are countless other factors that come into play.