Prankster Gets Owned by Kelleyanne Conway but is Celebrated As “Hero” for Trying [VIDEO]

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Viral news sites are calling him a hero for simply pulling this stunt, but the truth of the matter is that Kelleyanne Conway, too often the butt of the joke, completely owned AJ Pelicci.

02252017 c6

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Pelicci had two layers to his devious plan. The first is that he was recording video and not simply taking a snapshot. The second was more devious in that he tried to goad Kelleyanne Conway into saying “I’m ruining America,” instead of “cheese.”

Conway, though, maintained her demeanor in an incredible show of composure and strength. She wasn’t going to knuckle-under to this slug, and she just kept smiling. There isn’t even a flicker in her eye when she realizes she’s being mocked.

And then her reply shows just why she’s earned her place in the Trump White House.

02252017 x1

Yet Conway has been savagely mocked ever since she took control of Trump’s campaign. Despite being one of the most powerful women in Washington, she is hated and derided by women.

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And Conway has not helped her own cause. Her on-air support of Ivanka’s fashion line caused an uproar.

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Then last week, she was caught with her feet up on a couch in the Oval Office and she’ll never hear the end of it.

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Portrait painter Tim O’Brien even mocked Conway by painting her into painter Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” (1948).

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Kelleyanne Conway, sadly, has become emblematic of an administration that many refuse to take seriously. This video, all of the social media satire and memes, the mockery on Saturday Night Live, and even the bold attacks on her character made to her face. Yet she is an easy target, and deflects criticism away from Donald Trump.

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