Patriotic FedEx Driver Gets Epic Photoshop Battle He Deserves

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Last Thursday, protesters in Iowa City were burning American flags. Many of the patriotic bystanders were unnerved by the display. There’s nothing inherently illegal about the form of protest, though many feel it to be profoundly disrespectful of the country and the men and women who wear that flag while defending the freedoms that allow the protestors to burn the same flag.

AP-IA--Burning Flag Rescued -- 2 of 5 by David Scrivner,Press-Ci

Needless to say, it is complicated. Those who oppose the display stood by, somewhat apathetically, until one man stood up for his beliefs.

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A FedEx driver pulled up, took the burning flag from a protestor, and put out the flames with his fire extinguisher.

02012017 c24

Reaction to his patriotism has spread, and many are celebrating the man’s decision to risk his job and confrontation with the protesters to stand up for what he believes.

To celebrate his heroism, they’ve taken to the internet–with a bit of help from Photoshop. Here are some of the better results. They’re being compiled on Reddit, if you want to keep up with the additions.

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