Mitt Romney Making More Noise About Potential Third Party Run. Again.

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As the nominating conventions draw nearer, many on both sides of the aisle are getting nervous. Maybe that’s why Mitt Romney’s son is begging his dad to run for president. And he’s serious.

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Romney spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival today. Like so many of the republicans who feel left out of the Trump party, Romney and his family  are disturbed by the way the GOP nominating process transpired.  Even though a run seems all-but out of the question, Romney’s family is pushing him to get in the race as a third party candidate.

“I got an email from one of my sons yesterday saying, ‘You’ve gotta get in, dad, you’ve gotta get in,” Romney told CBS News anchor John Dickerson.

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Despite the number of Romney republicans eligible to vote, the 2012 republican nominee isn’t optimistic about his chances, though, and claims a late-stage run would be difficult on the family.

“It’s hard on family,” Romney said. “It’s hard on your spouse sitting there in debates agonizing over what you’re going to say next or what your kids go through and your grand-kids to go through.”

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Still, there are many who feel like voting for either Clinton or Trump might be hard on the country. So should the Romney family accept a bit of hardship for the sake of the country?

“I looked at it and I said I don’t think in good conscience I’m the right person to run as long as there was a better alternative who had a better chance of winning, rather,” Romney said. “And once the nomination was locked up, I didn’t see a chance of winning that was realistic.”

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But don’t give up hope, Romney fans. There’s always hope.

“The door is closed unless both candidates come up to me and say please save them,” Romney jokingly reiterated to Dickerson. “I can’t imagine the circumstances that would lead me to be in the race.”

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