Michael Moore Calls For Trump to Be Impeached and Replaced with Clinton

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Michael Moore is known for his opinionated stance on some very controversial topics. He’s made an industry out of his documentary films’ approach to political issues like guns and healthcare. And now he’s taking on actual politicians. Again.

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His latest attempt at shaping public opinion has centered on the controversy surrounding Donald Trump.

Moore, agitated over allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian intelligence officials, took to Facebook and wrote: “what we all suspected. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on: TRUMP COLLUDING WITH THE RUSSIANS TO THROW THE ELECTION TO HIM.”

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Despite all of the allegations of collusion, there’s still no evidence of any election rigging. Even the conversation that forced National Security Advisor Mike Flynn to step down simply mentioned Obama’s sanctions. There was no indication from Flynn that the sanctions would be lifted.

Moore, though, isn’t waiting for proof. The allegations are enough.

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“So this is what I want done NOW,” he wrote. “So-called President Trump could save the country a lot of time, money and pain by stepping down tonight.”

In the event of President Trump’s removal from office, the government has a clear cut line of succession. Yet this isn’t on Moore’s list.Vice President Pence, the logical successor, isn’t qualified, according to Moore. “Pence can’t be president as he, too, was elected under this same fraud.”

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Moore argues that the Supreme Court “has to rule either that the President is the winner of the popular vote OR the election must be held over.”

Few need to be reminded that the popular vote was won by Hillary Clinton.

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“Republicans — the beneficiaries of this treason — cannot be allowed to hold on to the power by default,” Moore writes. “If it turns out there’s a traitor in the White House, the judicial branch must find a fair, peaceful way to un-do and then re-do the election of 2016.”

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Moore’s vitriol isn’t reserved for the Republicans. He’s well aware of the chaotic nature of politics at the moment, and advises the “weak and spineless Democrats bring Congress to a halt until investigative hearings are held and impeachment charges are filed. We don’t want to hear you Dems huff and puff and grandstand and take symbolic actions. We demand that you halt all actions being taken by an illegitimately elected government until this matter is resolved.”