Merry Christmas! UPS Delivers .50 Caliber Rifle to Six-Year-Old Instead of Toy Plane [VIDEO]

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UPS always goes into overdrive at this busy time of year. Their seasonal hiring practices and frenetic schedule combine for both highly efficient delivery services and the occasional mix-up. But a six-year-old girl in New York was certainly not expecting the package she received earlier this week.


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The package contained a Barrett M95. The gun is completely legal, and–by all indications–was shipped legally. It just didn’t arrive at its intended destination. Instead of arriving at a licensed gun dealer’s shop, it was delivered to 66-year-old Joel Berman, who opened it with his granddaughter.

This said, the notoriously gun-shy media has blown the issue into something much more nefarious. In the process, they have conflated facts and misled readers.


From the AP report:

A military rifle wasn’t the Christmas present a little girl was expecting when a UPS driver delivered a package to her grandparents’ Long Island home the other day. […] Inside the foam-lined case was a semi-automatic rifle along with a scope, a stand, an ammo clip and copies of an Arizona man’s driver’s license and concealed-weapons permit.

The Barrett M95 is not a military rifle. Nor is it a semi-automatic. It is a 5 shot bolt-action rifle. It has no “stand” and operates from a magazine, and not an “ammo clip.”


Further more, the original shipper provided the proof of identification mandated by Federal Firearms License holders when accepting shipments, and proof that the owner met legal obligations for firearm ownership.

“UPS does accept shipment of certain firearms in our domestic U.S. system as long as the shipments comply with applicable law and are shipped in accordance with company policies,” UPS spokesperson Susan Rosenberg wrote in a statement. “These shipments must be between licensed manufacturers, dealers, distributors, collectors and exclude consumer shipments. UPS puts responsibility with the shippers of regulated goods to follow the requirements for labeling and specific packaging.”

In short, UPS made a mistake. The family did what many would do, and let authorities no of the erroneous delivery. UPS has routed the package to its appropriate destination. The only crime that appears to have been committed is that of the media who have conflated this with some felonious, like the ATF’s own Fast and Furious.