Medal Of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Calls Out Dems That Heckle War Heroes

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Marine veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer appeared on “Fox & Friends” Saturday to discuss the heckling faced by veterans during the Democratic National Convention. Myers brought a harsh reality to the DNC that everyone needs to hear.


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Meyer, a former Marine Corps corporal, was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 36 US and Afghan troops pinned down in a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan in 2009.

When Four-Star Gen. John Allen and Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg got up to speak at the DNC, alleged pro-Bernie Sanders protesters began to chant “No more war! No more war!” Meyer said that the jeering was “typical of what the modern liberals don’t understand.”


Myers continued to make great points stating “You know what? It’s because of guys like Flo, and guys like General John Allen — they’ve done such an incredible job over the last twelve, thirteen, fourteen years of keeping the enemy off our grounds…”


This is what many people seem to forget about, these men and women sacrifice a lot, some even give the ultimate sacrifice. When asked about the Black Lives Matter movement Myers had this to say, “They want Black Lives to Matter, or ‘these lives matter’… In America, all lives matter. To the enemy that those men have been fighting… no lives matter.” We should be against the enemy overseas not belittling and heckling our soldiers when they come home.


As the show progressed Myers really tore into the DNC. “At the end of the day, they’re at the DNC, so they’re Democratic supporters… I bet you anything that that wouldn’t have happened at the RNC.” The DNC has been showing their true colors towards our troops with such acts of burning the American flag in protest.

We can all agree that this wouldn’t happen at the RNC by any stretch of the imagination. At the RNC these men and women would be applauded for their services, not heckled for a war they did not start.

At the end of the day these men and women of the US military are heroes and should be treated as such. Our veterans are our protectors against foreign and domestic threats alike and do not need to hear that Democrats don’t approve of the war they’re fighting.