Just What Really Happened to Scaramucci Yesterday?

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News that the White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci was revealed of his post on Monday shook up Washington yet again. This is the third departure in two weeks. Scaramucci’s departure was characterized as a firing at first, while later reports suggest he stepped down willingly. So what actually happened?

NBC News, reporting on the matter, said “the same forces that propelled Anthony Scaramucci to power also hastened his just-as-fast descent….”

Sources close to the President claim that Trump was offended by Scaramucci’s profane interview with the New Yorker. Others close to the President, including Melania and Ivanka, were also offended.

Monday, the last day for Scaramucci, was also the first full day for Trump’s new chief of staff, retired Marine general John Kelly. Kelly was intent on cleaning house, and he began working quickly.

Scaramucci had arranged a deal with the President that rearranged the White House chain of command. Scaramucci reported directly to the President, and not to the chief of staff, Reince Priebus. In fact, Scaramucci was instrumental in getting Priebus out.

That move also saw the departure of Sean Spicer, who reportedly wasn’t comfortable working under Scaramucci’s power structure.

Yet the cavalier manner in which Scaramucci conducted himself was more than some of the White House staff could handle. And Kelly came into the office on Monday and immediately relieved Scaramucci of his duties. The White tried to play it off as a mutual decision designed to give Kelly a clean slate, but sources inside the White house (and most everyone watching form the sidelines) agree that The Mooch didn’t go willingly.

Scaramucci didn’t last long. Perhaps his role was comparable to a pinch hitter; he came in and championed Priebus’s removal, and then went back to the bench. But his departure didn’t seem dignified.

Kelly, on the other hand, has brought military order to the White House staff. He took the job on the condition that all staff would report to him. Those watching this unfold on Friday of last week knew that would conflict with Scarammucci’s agreement to report directly to the President.

Kelly was given the autonomy to remove staff at will. As such, the White House is characterizing the decision to sack Scaramucci as his and his alone, though it clearly removes tensions created by Scaramucci’s style.

Now the question everyone is asking is who, or if, the White House will pick to replace The Mooch.