Florida Woman Told To Take Down Her Blue Lives Matter Flag Because it is Racist [VIDEO]

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The American Flag is considered by many to be almost sacred. Few will risk altering the stars and stripes, no matter what the cause. Yet a version of Old Glory has emerged that celebrates the service of police officers. It has been dubbed the Blue Lives Matter flag, and it isn’t always well received. Some feel like the flag’s message is inherently racist.

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That’s why a Florida woman is being told to remove her Blue Lives Matter flag. He local neighborhood association has decided her flag is racist.

Jeff Gaddie informed a local news station in Jacksonville of the incident. Gaddie is a law enforcement officer, and says his daughter had flown her flag to honor him. Though the flag had been flown for some time, recent complaints prompted the homeowners association to take action. They asked the woman to file a request to fly the flag. She did so, and they denied it.

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Those familiar with Jacksonville known it is not your typical Florida city. The town is host to numerous military families, a massive Naval port and air station, and has a decidedly blue-collar feeling that is absent from the cities farther south.

“She called to ask why,” Gaddie told the news crew. “They told her they had received a complaint that it was considered racist, offensive and anti-Black Lives Matter,” he said.

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Simply labeling the flag as a “Blue Lives Matter” flag was enough to set off come critics. The flag rose in popularity as the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum.

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First Coast Association Management, the group in charge of rules and regulations within the neighborhood, allows only American flags and flags that are related to branches of the military. These rules aren’t enforced, though, and numerous other types of flags are being flown in the neighborhood.