“Covfefe” – Twitter Goes Wild Over Trump’s Mysterious, Nonsensical Late Night Tweet

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It is no secret that the President of The United States enjoys the soapbox known as Twitter. He prides himself on his straight-to-the-people delivery of news and opinion. Yet one late night tweet last night has confused his followers. What is covfefe? Some are guessing it was an old-school typo. Others think there’s something else afoot.

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The post went up shortly after midnight, but was deleted after staying active for six hours. This is the internet, though, and nothing posted is ever truly deleted.


Or maybe KFC is telling the truth.

Some of Trump’s more vocal opponents seized the opportunity to weigh in as well.

Could it have been coverage that he meant to type? It doesn’t matter much. The damage is done. The mockery floodgates are open wide.

Odds are the word will make it into the Dictionary for 2017. Even if the dictionary does go back to bed.

The President did pull the tweet, but followed up with this one. It is surprisingly self deprecating for Trump.

Or could it possibly be this simple?

That would be interesting, but nearly impossible. He would have had to have typed and hit send in his sleep.

Covfefe is, of course, the No. 1 Twitter trend. And it is spawning the memes, too.