Clinton Emails on Weiner’s Laptop Confirmed to be New Evidence

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When the news broke late last week that the FBI had secured a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, and that that computer had evidence on it that was pertinent to the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton, the nation collectively held its breath.

The latest development in a story with many twists is that the emails that were found on this device were from Clinton’s time as Secretary of State and that some number of them–perhaps all of them–hadn’t been turned over to the FBI.


CBS News ran a story this evening confirming this information, crediting an anonymous source.

Clinton’s supporters had hoped the emails were, at worst, duplicates of emails already given over to the FBI. Many have claimed that none of them are actually written by Clinton. Yet the mystery of how they got onto Weiner’s laptop still remains.


Weiner and Abedin were married before his scandalous behavior became public. Though the couple remained together after the initial revelations that Weiner had been engaging in inappropriate electronic communication, his repeated lapses in judgement (including, it is alleged, sending naked photos to a 15 year old girl) proved too much for the relationship.


The new trove of emails, CBS News is reporting, are not duplicates. The number associated with the laptop still remains speculative, but some sources are saying that there are up to 700,000. This, Clinton’s critics are hoping, will contain the 30,000 or more that Clinton deemed irrelevant and had deleted from her servers. It was after this deletion, and after a subpoena from the FBI, that Clinton’s team wiped the servers.


FBI Director James Comey notified Congress Friday that his office was investigating the new emails. Abedin claims she has no knowledge of the emails, or how they got onto Weiner’s computer. This is an important detail, as knowledge of the emails would amount to perjury on Abedin’s part.