Super Saturday Results Are In. Trump Underperforming?

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Expect political pundits to be debating whether today marks the beginning of the end for Donald Trump’s campaign or rather just some ideal races for Ted Cruz.

With votes still to count in LA and KY, we do know that Ted Cruz has won both the Kansas and Maine GOP caucuses with a sizable portion of the vote. Cruz won Kanas with 48% of the vote and Maine with over 45% of the vote. Trump is around 24% and 35% respectively. Donald Trump was ahead in some polls in Kansas. Polling numbers in Maine were hard to come by, but Trump was originally favored there as well.

In Kentucky, Trump is ahead by a good margin, but the Cruz campaign will likely point out their strong second place finish there, possibly within 7-8 points of Trump. Trump had a double digit lead in most polls.

Early results show Donald Trump with a very solid lead in the Louisiana race, and some organizations have already called it for him. Once again, Cruz looks like he will finish in a strong second place.

Once all of the votes are counted, Cruz will have likely gained on Trump’s delegate count, making him the overall winner for the day.

Ted Cruz can also claim a moral victory in the fact that he won the CPAC Straw Poll earlier today with a total of 40% of the vote.

However you read into these races, it is clear that the Cruz camp will likely make a major appeal to both Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich to drop out of the race at this point, as neither candidate managed to secure even a second place finish today.