BREAKING: Sean Spicer Resigns as Press Secretary [VIDEO]

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Sean Spicer, the most entertaining aspect of President Trump’s communications team, has left his post as White House Press Secretary. The news broke Friday as President Trump offered New York financier Anthony Scaramucci the role of communications director.

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The move comes more than six months after Spicer first stood and parsed out the new administration’s message. His tenure in the post was marked by scandals, like the insistence on the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd, and was marked by episodes of brilliant satire as late night comedians mocked the President an Spicer’s role in message delivery.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the decision is based on Trump’s decision to hire Scaramucci. As the Mail reports,  “ABC news reporter Jonathan Karl tweeted Friday that he went to ask Spicer about the Scaramucci news and that Spicer ‘slammed the door’ in his face.”

The consensus at this point is that Scaramucci’s lack of experience would keep Spicer working as both the secretary and the practical communications director. This move reportedly pushed Spicer beyond his breaking point and he turned in his resignation.

Spicer has a long history in Washington. Despite the ridicule he faced from Saturday Night Live, and others, he was experienced and a capable presence at the podium.

Yet that experience wasn’t enough to handle the pressure from the press, and the Trump administration pulled him from public view. White House briefings moved to an off camera gatherings, and most of those were handled by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Spicer had been tasked with multiple roles at the White House. In addition to his role as Press Secretary, he had been filling in as acting communications director after Mike Dubke left for undisclosed reasons.

Spicer’s role on camera took the daily press briefings to a new level of must-see-television. Even before the ribbing he received on the late night talk shows, Spicer’s charisma and often awkward interactions with reporters who felt betrayed by the Trump administration, were widely viewed.