Obama Orders Investigation of Election Related Hacking [VIDEO]

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When Trump forecast possible voting irregularities due to the possibility of hacking, the democrats openly mocked him. Now that Trump has won the needed electoral college votes, we are inundated with democratic claims that hacking may be responsible for Clinton’s loss. And now Obama has cast a wide net over the issue, including the hacking of emails, by ordering a full review.


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White House officials broke the news Friday. Obama wants all hacking that may have had an outcome on the election fully examined, and he wants the report delivered before he leaves office on January 20th.


“We may be crossed into a new threshold and it is incumbent upon us to take stock of that, to review, to conduct some after-action, to understand what this means, what has happened and to impart those lessons learned,” Obama counterterrorism and homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco said.

The White House and many U.S. intelligence officials blame Russia for the attacks. Many democratic officials and members of political committees had their information compromised. Yet no specific evidence linking Russia has come to light.

If there is any credible link to Russian state-sponsored hacking, the information remains classified. This lack of information allows those on the left to claim it exists, while those on the right can argue that it is a red hearing. Releasing any information would instantly solidify one argument or the other.

Obama’s report may be just what both sides have been asking for: the proof. Yet the report won’t be declassified. Instead, it will be shared with a small group of lawmakers who have the appropriate security clearances.


“That’s going to be first and foremost a determination that’s made by the intelligence community,” Monaco said. “We want to do so very attentive to not disclosing sources and methods that may impede our ability to identify and attribute malicious actors in the future.”

Monaco called cyber security one of the biggest national security issues facing our nation. Trump will “inherit a rapidly growing threat in this space across all dimensions.”


Her use of the word dimensions is believed to be an acknowledgement of state sponsored attacks, terrorists’ efforts, and the intrusive hacking of activists like those behind Wikileaks.