A Marine Disfigured by a Bomb Stood Up Before Trump at a Townhall. The Crowd’s Reaction Says It All. [VIDEO]

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During the Donald Trump town hall on Fox News last night, a Marine stole the show when he was given the chance to tell his story.

Corporal Tony Porta was wounded and two of his Marines were killed in an IED explosion in May of 2007. Porta has since endured more than 100 surgeries at Veteran’s Administration hospitals.

All eyes were on the war hero as he told his disturbing story of battling with the VA for treatment and asked the presidential candidate what his plan is to fix the myriad of problems the VA is facing today.

“I am really, really hurt about my two friends. But I’m here for a reason. I’m here to fight, I’m here to help my fellow veterans, Porta said as he looked Trump directly in the eye.

The crowd sits in stunned silence as the vet describes how he was injured, how he struggled to recover, and how the VA treats veterans today.

Tonight in his one-on-one with Sean Hannity, Donald J. Trump talked to USMC Cpl. Tony Porta, Spokesperson for Veterans for Trump Coalition.

Posted by Fox News on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Porta said: “I was really struggling. I was in San Antonio for six years, over a hundred surgeries, just to… just to be this way. I went back home – home wasn’t home anymore.”

The purple heart recipient called some of the VA facilities he visited “awful” and talked about waits of several weeks for a simple appointment. He added that he now goes to a smaller VA hospital, that he says is much better but still has a lot of problems.

Trump pulled no punches in his response, calling the VA “corrupt” before saying he supports the idea of improving care for veterans by allowing anyone with a long wait time to get help at other doctor’s in the area. The billionaire businessman also said the plan will “save a lot of money.”

Corporal Porta then closed with a heartfelt appeal to the Republican candidate.

“When you become president, I don’t want you to work for those guys who are giving tons of money to a lot of people,” he said, adding, “I want you to work for us.”