Watch Suspected Murderer Break Handcuffs and Escape Interrogation Room

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Alonso Perez will soon be on trial for homicide. The accused murderer had been in police custody in North Las Vegas, Nevada, but he was left alone, handcuffed to a table in an interrogation room. The cuffs weren’t enough, it seems, and now he’ll be charged with much than the homicide the cops had picked up for originally, because Perez escaped. And he made it look easy.

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He was left alone in the room last Friday. The video shows him carefully considering his options. After deciding to escape, he began testing the strength of the hinge on his handcuffs. His right arm had been cuffed to the table in front of him.

With a good bit of torque, Perez managed to snap the hinge. “He torques it to the point, using some of his body weight, that it snaps the hinges,” Police Chief Alexander Perez (not related) said Wednesday.

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He then sat back down, positioned his hand so that it looked as if he were still cuffed, and began to plot again. He was even checked on by a detective. Though he was free from the restraints, he still had to escape the room.

He tapped the back wall, presumably to see how solid it might be. Then he noticed the drop-ceiling above him, and gambled on being able to get out through the ceiling. And it worked.

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Perez dropped down from the ceiling into a hallway, left the building, and stole a truck that had been left idling in a parking lot next to the building.

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Aug. 27 shooting death of Mohammed Robinson outside a McDonald’s restaurant in North Las Vegas.

Luckily, the FBI arrested Perez late Tuesday afternoon in a raid east of downtown Las Vegas. He was taken peacefully. This fits with the paradoxical nature of Perez’s original arrest.  Police believe Perez is responsible for the Aug. 27 shooting death of Mohammed Robinson at a local McDonald’s. Perez shot Robinson after Robinson failed to hold the door for a woman.

Aug. 27 shooting death of Mohammed Robinson outside a McDonald’s restaurant in North Las Vegas.