Texas SWAT Deputy Asks God For a Sign He’s Meant to Be a Cop. God Answers.

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If you’re a parent, this scenario may be familiar to you. Getting the timing right on labor and delivery can be a bit nerve wracking. You make plans, map routes to the hospital, pack bags with everything you need, then the full on panic actually hits.

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That drive can be both dangerous for everyone involved. And the erratic driving of a soon-to-be-father attracted the attention of one Texas SWAT deputy, who ended up assisting with the delivery in a gas station parking lot.

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Mark Diebold is the type of cop who isn’t easy to intimidate. He’s trained in all of the bad-ass skills you’d expect of a seasoned SWAT officer. And he’s grown accustomed to the stressful elements of his job, but he wasn’t mentally prepared for this.

When he’d seen the driver, Caleb Hall, speeding past him in a Jeep Cherokee, Diebold pulled up along side. It didn’t take him long to assess the situation. Destiny Hall, in the passenger seat, was in labor and about to give birth.

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Diebold directed Hall to pull over, and there–in the parking lot of a gas-station–he helped Destiny deliver a healthy baby girl.

“The baby wasn’t waiting,” Diebold said. “I was scared to death. The baby started coming out and I thought, ‘What do I do?’”

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“It was an amazing moment,” Diebold said. “It’s probably the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.”

“Lately, everybody’s hearts have been down, with all that has happened. This was really uplifting.”

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“It was by far one of the most surreal moments, Destiny Hall said. “I felt so happy and blessed to be in that moment, right there, right then, with these wonderful gentlemen.”

“Thank you, Lord,” She added. “You orchestrated that. It was the right time and the right place,” she said. “It was something that everybody needed.”

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This all comes on the heels of a long week for police everywhere, but especially in Texas. Diebold had been questioning his role as an officer, and had even turned to prayer. He asked God for a sign that he was meant to be a cop.

The answer, it seems, is a reminder for all of us that the police do more than kick down doors, give speeding tickets, or whatever else the liberal media would have us believe this week. Officers like Diebold are there when we need them, and they do whatever is asked of them.

These men and women put their lives on the line everyday. They make themselves targets of hatred, and now real bullets, because they believe in their mission. Protect and serve.