Meet The Good Guy With Gun Who Stopped Ohio State University “Active Shooter” Knife Attack

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Early in the day on Monday, a violent assailant spread fear and chaos on the campus of Ohio State University. The attacker pulled a fire alarm, and then attempted to run down the students who had left the building with his car. When that failed, he attacked them with a knife.

While there are 11 students hospitalized, many are praising the rapid response of Ohio State’s police force. Officer Alan Horujko was able to isolate the attacker, and when the man refused to comply, Officer Horujko did what he had to do.


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Ohio State University President Michael Drake phoned Officer Horujko personally, “to thank him for following his training and being able to neutralize the circumstances within roughly one minute.”


For those who may need an interpretation of the administrator’s rhetoric “neutralize the circumstances” means eliminating the threat. Horujko gave verbal warnings to Abdul Razak Ali Artan. When the OSU student refused to drop his knife, Officer Horujko shot and killed him.

“It just hit everybody who was in front,” Angshuman Kapil, a graduate student who witnessed the attack, said. “After that everybody was shouting, `Run! Run! Run!”‘


“I thought it was an accident initially until I saw the guy come out with a knife,” said student Martin Schneider. Schneider went on to describe how quiet the attacker was. He reportedly maintained a calm demeanor while on his rampage and didn’t say anything, even when confronted by Officer Horujko.

“We owe [Officer Horujko] a debt of gratitude,” said Monica Moll, director of OSU public safety. “He did a fabulous job today.”


Officer Horujko has indeed provided the university community with stellar service. He’s also an alum of OSU. He’s been working¬† as a campus police officer since January 2015.

During his time as a student, Horujko worked as a Student Safety Service. “That’s kind of what led me to wanting to become a police officer,” he told the newspaper. “I just couldn’t see myself sitting in a cubicle.”

Classes at the campus were canceled for the remainder of the day, and should resume again on Tuesday on their regular schedule.